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Alicia D. Brown is an astonishing Motivational Job Readiness Trainer. Born and reared in Chicago, Illinois. Alicia has a great reputation of motivating her audiences with stories of success, and tips for overcoming the adversity in finding employment. She has the first hand experience with over twenty years as a recruiter, job readiness trainer for one of Chicago’s leaders in the staffing industry. She has provided job readiness training to thousands which includes working with Chicago’s Youth Programs and Housing Authorities programs along with other organization in the Chicago area.

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Alicia is dedicating her professional expertise in speaking to help communities and other organizations by providing job readiness training that will maximize the audience’s unlimited potential. She helps people create the future they want. Drawing upon vast personal experience, Alicia delivers a high-energy message, which challenges people to take responsibility for their own lives and make a change. 


Training sessions providing powerful statements that will prove you're the best of all candidates for the position(s).


Alicia’s mission is to actively help inspire people to achieve their career goals by providing motivational advice and resources.


ADB gets her clients prepare for the next job interview.  Are you ready?


Can’t find a job? Need help with your resume? Learn how you can schedule you next interview by creating a professional resume.

Speaking Events

If you’re looking for a speaker that delivers on content, brings the presentation delivery and will undoubtedly infuse the room with energy, Alicia is like no other. She can and will deliver. She has more than just credentials and credibility; she has success, struggles, stories and real life experiences she uses for the purpose of meeting your event objective.

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